Why choose Molded Foam?

Because it is cost effective when quality and design features are important to you!

Fabricated Foam

Fabricated Foam

• Multiple Pieces

• Inconsistent

• Labor Intensive

Molded Foam

• Shapes & Contours at no additional cost

• Consistency

• More efficient upholstering

Molded Foam

Robust 3# density foam

      More support than typical slab foam
      Longer Longevity than typical slab foam
      Wide range of feel from very soft to very firm
      Better “bounce” than typical slab foam

Efficient finished product

      Molded in components can be embedded in the foam
      More consistent parts than cut & glue fabrication
      Better appearance of finished upholstered piece
      Lower labor cost for you the upholsterer

Design Flexibility

      Contours and shapes for enhanced comfort