What we do:

We mold flexible polyurethane foam (mostly cushions and cushioning) for many “high compliance” industries. The primary markets we serve include Medical, Military, Transportation, Office Furniture, Hospitality Furniture, Packaging, etc.

We produce a diverse mix of product from small to very large parts. These items cover a spectrum of desired firmnesses with ILD’s ranging from soft to firm.

Additional parts and inserts such as hook & loop, plastics, metals, wood, fabric, and other foams can be “molded in” as part of our manufacturing process. This can reduce inventory for customers, eliminate secondary labor, and integrate the components into a strong bond with the foam.

Secondary operations such as sub assembly, cover insertion, and packaging are also provided.

We will package the way you want it – boxed, bagged, or in returnables, etc.

We can assist you with the design and development of your molded foam requirements to provide the look, feel, and performance you desire while keeping your cost as low as possible. Customers can provide a napkin rendering to a CAD file to get us started.